Orlando Wetlands

I went to Orlando Wetlands Park on Tuesday morning to check it out - plenty of opportunities for wildlife shots. However, I will say that it probably varies as far as how much you see and how close you can get to the birds and other wildlife - depending on the time of day and weather conditions.





Church Street Station

This is Church Street Station in Orlando taken during the OCC urban architectural tour and meetup. Strobist info : LumiQuest Softbox III to pull up the tile. Flashed with a SB26 on 1/2. Flickr link.



Here are a few favorites from the wedding trip to Nebraska. Michelle showed the girls the chicken house in the back yard.




Waiting Bride

A few minutes before the wedding, I got a quick snapshot of the bride in available light as the wedding party waited for everyone to arrive. Since I was in the wedding I didn’t have time to get too many photos.


June Competition Entry

Here is the image I submitted for the OCC competition for June 2009 themed subject Curves. This was a tough one trying to decide what to shoot. There's nothing like an assignment to get you shooting and thinking. I borrowed an idea from a strobist assignment to backlight the glass and include a partial reflection. Thanks Papa for the table top.